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Audubon Magazine


"To Understand How Birds Soar, a Scientist Looks to Paragliders" Spring 2024 issue. (Print magazine)

"Don’t Have Binoculars To Go Birding? Try Borrowing a Pair From the Library" Summer 2023 issue. (Print magazine)

"Seeking Auwo: Inside the Search to Find a Secretive Tropical Bird Lost to Science" Spring 2023 issue. (Print magazine)

"How Bird Researchers Are Tracking the Impacts of Intensifying Hurricane Seasons" August, 2022.

"How to Sandproof Your Gear for Beachfront Photography" Summer 2022 issue. (Print magazine)

"Ziggy Marley is Here to Teach Kids About 'Vulture Culture'" April, 2022.

"Welcome to the Dark Side: Your Guide to Nocturnal Migration Birding" Spring 2022 issue. (Print magazine)

"How Birders Are Boosting Their Yard Lists While They Sleep" June, 2021.

"How Birding Lists of the Deceased Are Finding New Life on eBird" May, 2020.

"10 New Birds Described in Biggest Avian Discovery in More Than a Century" January, 2020.

"These ‘Goth Cardinals’ Don't Breed Like All the Other Birds" October, 2019.


"Do You Know the Other Way Birds Migrate?" May, 2019.

"Making Window Collisions a Priority in Canada's Capital" March, 2019.

"Likely Rollback of Roadless Rule Threatens Remaining Old Growth in Alaska’s Tongass" March, 2019.

"Migrating Birds May Be Spreading an Invasive Pest That Decimates Forests" February, 2019.

"An Avian Cholera Outbreak at the Salton Sea Has Killed Thousands of Birds" February, 2019.


"How a Photographer Snuck Under the Wing of a Loon Parent" February, 2019.

Hakai Magazine


"Can Birds Help Us Avoid Natural Disasters?" September, 2021. (Republished by The Atlantic)

"Decolonizing Seabirds" May, 2021.


"In Malta, legal loopholes give poachers cover to hunt migratory birds" January, 2019. (Translated into German)

"As animal tagging goes cutting-edge, ethical questions abound" January, 2019.

"Tiny tags and a broad research network help track small animal movements" September, 2018.

Bard Center for the Study of the Drone

"The Anatomy of a Human Rights Investigation" April, 2015.

"Interview: Can Drones Save Nambia's Wildlife?" July, 2014. (Republished by Etosha National Park)
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