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I conduct ornithological research and field-based conservation biology for leading non-profits, universities, and research consultancies, with over 8 years of experience in applied conservation and research.

I write. My popular science writing has appeared online and in print at Mongabay, The Atlantic, Hakai Magazine, and Audubon Magazine. copy.jpg

Scientific Publications

  • Raine, A, Gregg, J, McFarlin, M, Driskill, S, Raine, H. “Seabird Conservation Strategy for the U.S. Tropical Pacific,” 2022. USFWS, Migratory Bird Office. Technical report. In preparation.

  • Gregg J, Londoño G. "First Description of the Nest and Breeding Behaviour of the Scarlet-and-White Tanager (Chrysothlypis salmoni) from the Colombian Chocó". 2021. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 133(4): 676–682.

  • Gregg J, Nason D, Boersma J. "A Survey of the Montane Avifauna of Fergusson Island, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea," 2020. The Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club 140(3): 309-320.

Grants & Awards

  • Raptor Research Foundation, Pannucio Memorial Grant. 2022

  • American Bird Conservancy, Lost Bird Initiative. 2022

  • Ornithological Society of the Middle East, Conservation Fund. 2020

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